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Educational Toys for Preschooler

In this article, you will learn about educational toys for Preschooler. When Choosing the toys for your child whether it is home or classroom, must remember that simple is best. Children will learn better in an environment that is not messing with toys but instead in a space that is simple, clean, educational and with room for their imaginations.

Here are the top educational toys for toddlers. While creating this list, we provide the best toys for every preschool classroom and focused on every area of learning whether it is daycare, classroom and homeschool.

1. Wooden Block


Wooden Blocks are wonderful for the daycare and early preschool centres. This is the ultimate for open-ended play. Children are free to use their creativity and imaginations. Wooden blocks can also be used in a number of ways to practise colours, shapes, counting and many more. Regarding this Day Care in Gaur City Noida extension will provide all kind of facilities.

2. Puzzles


Our favourite puzzles are from Doug, mudpuppy and Melissa. Doug and Melissa make the best wooden block puzzles that are great for little hands. The pieces make for imaginary play as well for fun figurines as well. Mudpuppy has the most beautiful puzzles. Our favourite includes find puzzles and Search, Geography puzzles and very long puzzles.

3. Cooperative Board Games

Cooperative Board games are the best games for preschoolers. In this game, there are no losers and winners, the group loses or wins as a whole instead of individually. This idea is wonderful for are still learning important skills like cooperating, sharing and teamwork.

4. Lacing Cards


Fine motor skills like lacing are perfect for prewriting skills and little hands. We love these lacing cards by Doug and Melissa because they are perfect size and sturdy for preschool hands.

5. Wooden Pattern Blocks


Wooden pattern blocks are excellent math tool for learning. This specific set is made of wood as they will last for a longer time. Students can use their imaginations to copy pattern cards and make their own designs to create pictures and shapes. Some other fun uses for these blocks would be to practise stacking, sorting, practise colour sorting, shape patterns and simple colours.

6. Trace-n-Erase Chalkboards

This is our newest preschool obsession. Chock full of Design offers handmade chalkboards with the numbers, shapes, new clocks, pre-printed alphabet or chalk markers. This toy would make a beautiful addition to any classroom and used over and over again by students. The boards are offered in 1,2,3 steps so you can choose the correct level for according to child ability.

7. Pretend Play Food and Kitchen

Toddlers and preschoolers playing in the kitchen and love to play make-believe. Play food and the kitchen is a perfect size, affordable and durable for a preschool classroom. We love the fabric that is used for making the kitchen.

8. Puppets

Puppets can be used by preschoolers in the classroom for pretend play and also used by teachers for additional learning. Using puppets to talk children add a great element of fun to teaching the important lessons. Hand puppets come in a great variety that is themed perfectly and high quality for preschoolers.

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